ANTITHESIS IV: Storm Never Dies.. 2014


Latvian capital city in 2014 have earned a status the Capital city of Europe. As in past years in capital city Riga, this year too will happen mini metal music festival “Anthithesis IV“, fourth in a row. Last year our special guest was „Evoken“ , but this year we will offer another pearl of the genre – „ESOTERIC“ .

Mini festival which is fulfilled with melanholy and doom will take place in Latvia, Riga at 18.04.2014. at the club “Melnā Piektdiena“ (Black Friday).

„ESOTERIC“ – cult name from UK, mental yet cosmic funeral doom metal, since July 1992, after the gathering of five individuals, inspired to create dark, innovative music that was evocative too and expressive of the contents of their psyche. The lyrics and music are reflections and transpositions of their thoughts, philosophies, emotions and experiences. The music captures the essence of the word “esoteric“. For more than twenty years Esoteric have been pushing the limits of sonic intensity. From the mind-bending darkness of their 90’s double albums ‘Epistemological Despondency’ and the ‘Pernicious Enigma’, to the expansive epics found on their recent opuses ‘The Maniacal Vale’ and ‘Paragon of Dissonance’, they have never compromised their initial aim – to unleash aural mayhem on unsuspecting listeners.

„ISOLE“is an epic doom metal band from Sweden. Formed in 1990 under the name Forlorn, the band released several demos before changing their name to „Isole“ in 2003 in order to avoid confusion with other bands named Forlorn. In 2005, Isole released their debut album“Forevermore“ through I Hate Records. In 2006, they also released “The Beyond“ and “Throne of Void“ through I Hate Records. In 2008, Isole’s third full-length studio album, “Bliss of Solitude“, was released through a different label, Napalm Records. Their 2009 album “Silent Ruins“ was also released through Napalm Records, which they are signed with.“Silent Ruins“ is a concept album about a man who wakes up without any memory of his life in a post-apocalyptic world; he slowly gains memories about himself but fears that this will lead to a devastating conclusion for him. Crister Olsson stated in an interview that the story of Silent Ruins will be continued on a future album, possibly two future albums, one of which might not be Isole’s next studio album. In October 2011, the band’s latest album, “Born from Shadows“, was released.

„PROCESSION“ is one of those bands that take doom metal seriously and have been taking it on scene since 2006 and currently take place in Sweden. Their current label is High Roller Records. Their lyric themes consist about anti-religion, pestilence, death and despair. First demo album was “Burn“ followed with EP “The Cult of Disease“, demo “Burn + Alive & Burning Christians“, first full length album was
releases in 2010 “Detroyers of the Faith“, in 2011 split album “Crazy Train/ Trumpets of Autumn“, EP in 2012 “Death and Judgement“ and in 2013 they released their second full length album “To Reap Heavens Apart“.

„DOOMED“  is doom metal / death metal band from Germany which was started in november 2011.  Band’s interests is to maintain roots of doom and death metal music. After 4 months work in 2012 appeared album “The Ancient Path“. Few months later album “In My Own Abyss“ was completed and after a month label deal with solitude production was made. In 12/12/12 via solitude productions  album “In My Own Abyss“ was released. At the end of 2012 full crew was assembled to play live
in gigs. In january 2013 they re-released “The Ancient Path“ as limited sun eater digipack edition. In 2013 october 20th the very first gig was made at “Dutch Doom Days XII“ festival. And at april 2014 will be released 3rd album “Our Ruin Solhouettes“ via solitude production.

„FRAILTY“  is doom/death metal band which was created in 2003. For four years they looked for the right sound which would represent them the best. Group members in those four years changed too searching for their identity, but in 2007 they started their work on debut album and concerted in their first big gigs in Lithuania on support for „Novembre“ and “Doomsday“ doom festival in Moscow. Bands debut album “Lost Lifeless Lights“ was released in 2008 via „Solitude Productions“. In 2009 they released EP album “EP 2009“. After changes in bands staff they continue to play gigs in Moscow at several festivals. In 2012 work on new album “Melpomene“ is done via „Arx Productions“.
In Latvia second time they got awards at “Latvian Metal Music Year Award“ for “Band of the Year 2012“ and “Best Album of the Year 2012“, bands drummer Lauris got awar “Musician of the Year 2012“.

Doors: 19.00, Stage: 20.00





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