ZOBENS UN LEMESS – an adventure of metal music and ancient crafts

The biggest Latvian festival of contemporary ethnic music and ancient crafts ZOBENS UN LEMESS will take place near the picturesque ruins of Bauska castle in June 15 – 17. Internationally recognizable bands from all over the world, the best musicians from Baltic’s metal scene, knights from historical reenactment movement as well as ancient and medieval craftsmen will unite their forces for the fourth time to make an unforgettable event in unique place– ZOBENS UN LEMESS is an adventure where one can meet their favorite music in very special atmosphere.

The best of folk and pagan metalmusic will be presented at ZOBENS UN LEMESS. In the festival setlist you’ll find Finnish pagan metal band Moonsorrow, Celtic folk metal band Cruachan, Belorussian pagan doom metal band Gods Tower and folklorists Folcore, Lithuanians Ūkanose, dark symphonic metal band Asphodelia, Swedish doom pagan metal band Ereb Altor. Latvian metal scene will be presented by numerous bands – dark experimental folk project Rāva, symphonic folk metal band Oceanpath, the outstanding Latvian bagpipes and drums music project Auļi and folklore band Vilki. But the greatest event of the festival will be presented by the most influential Latvian folk metal band Skyforger – their gig will be dedicated to the 20th anniversary of their legendary album Kauja pie Saules / Battle at the Sun.  

Adventurous discovery of ancient times – in the festival ZOBENS UN LEMESS there will be held masterclasses of ancient crafts, lectures and examples of experimental archeology. Beware of the ancient knights because battle simulations presented by historical reenactment clubs will be present on the site! Definitely don’t miss one of the most impressive moments in the festival – spectacular fire sculptures!

Don’t worry about overnight stay – camping site will be organized inside the territory of the festival. All necessary services including high-quality food, craft beer, refreshments and medical point will be available on site. And for those who will be willing to enjoy late night or morning swim the river’s beech will be available all-day long.

Line up:

  • MOONSORROW (folk / black metal, Finland),
  • SKYFORGER (folk / pagan metal, Latvia),
  • CRUACHAN (celtic folk / black metal, Ireland),
  • EREB ALTOR (viking / black metal, Sweden),
  • METSATOLL (folk metal, Estonia),
  • AUĻI (bagpipes and drums / etnotrance, Latvia),
  • GODS TOWER (pagan / doom metal, Belarus),
  • VILKI (folk, Latvia),
  • ŽALVARINIS (folk rock / world music, Lithuania),
  • ASPHODELIA (symphonic Metal, Italy),
  • ŪKANOSE (folk metal, Lithuania),
  • DARRVA (pagan / death metal, Latvia),
  • DEODIUM (pagan metal, Latvia),
  • OCEANPATH (symphonic metal, Latvia),
  • SYMBOLIC (folk rock / metal, Latvia),
  • FOLCORE (folk metal, Belarus),
  • RĀVA (dark / experimental folk, Latvia),
  • HARALDS SĪMANIS (bard, Latvia).


Tickets are available on www.ticketshop.lv, the price is 27 EUR.


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