Falun – 08/16/17 – Falun – SABATON OPEN AIR 2017 (festivalis)

SABATON OPEN AIR 2017 (festivalis)
Trečiadienis, rugpjūčio 16, 2017
12:00 - All Ages Buy Tickets
Falun (map)
Falun, Sweden
Other Info
Rugpjūčio 16 d.–Rugpjūčio 20 d. Sabaton Open Air festival 2017 – The 10:th anniversary!

Prepare yourself for a 4-day hard rock experience, were the kick off with a pre-party on day 1 (August 16:th) and then as always 3 magical festival days will follow on the beautiful venue Lugnet in Falun!

Bands, tickets - http://www.sabaton.net/sabaton-open-air-festival-2017/

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