Brutal Assault 2020 – PRE-SALE / AFTERMOVIE (ENG)

Here we go! We’ve just opened the presale for the 25th Brutal Assault anniversary!

13 years in we are gonna stay in the marvelous Josefov fortress and the festival will take place between 5th and 9th August 2020. You can look forward for 130+ artists from all around the globe, bringing out to you the best dark subgenres have to offer on 5 stages. On top of that we’re again gonna gave art exhibitions, talks, grindhouse cinema and other attractions, great beer and food and the now classic Tuesday warm-up party. Currently we offer the basic „print@home“ tickets only, a designer collector’s edition and other types of tickets in our network of authorized vendors will go on sale later this month.

Bear in mind that this year we were SOLD OUT so it’s probably wise to secure your tickets for the next year as soon as possible.

Order your tickets here:

As second information we attach that there is our aftermovie from year 2019!

Also please note that the refund form for your unspent credits closes this Sunday, Sep 15.

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